dye VL (ipl treatment)

Farmington, UT


Alma Lasers Harmony XL Pro Dye VL (IPL) laser incorporates a combo of IPL and dye laser technologies. Dye VL (IPL) is the “Gold Standard”in anti-aging, discoloration, rosacea, port-wine stain, and sun damage. The laser also incorporates Alma’s proprietary In-Motion™ protocol to ensure maximum patient comfort while minimizing any risks of unwanted side effects. Dye VL offers treatment by penetrating the skin’s pigment or melanin to reduce darker skin spots and targets hemoglobin to collapse blood vessels causing vascular lesions. The In-Motion™ technology allows heat to be applied gradually, compared to other treatment options. This causes less discomfort than traditional IPL treatments.

Treatment Areas

  • Face
  • Face & Neck
  • Chest
  • Face/Neck/Chest
  • Spot Removal

dye vl FAQ

Is Dye VL (IPL) the Right Treatment for Me?
How Many Treatments do I Need?

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